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Another Shutdown Could Loom

There has been talk of avoiding yet another shutdown with another stop-gap spending bill in D.C.  I, for one, am tired of these stop-gap measures that continue to just barely keep the government running.  Then to make it better the Republican controlled congress decides to release a $1.3 trillion spending bill that is over 2,000 pages long with only 52 hours until the shutdown deadline, that, I am sure, most conservative Republicans will shun.  We need to reign in the spending not continue increasing it and if we continue increasing it we need to increase taxes which I, and most Republicans, are against.  The tax bill was great in that it already has created many millions of new jobs, it has eased the burden on most middle and low income families, and it has created some of the, historically, lowest unemployment rates in minority communities ever; but if the U.S. keeps spending at the rate it has been for almost two decades now the tax bill will go down in history as an epic failure.  The President should put more pressure on congress to find a way to start balancing the budget and stop condoning expensive spending bills.  In allowing congress to continue pushing these large spending bills with nothing to balance them out the President is making okay to spend to bankruptcy.

President Trump needs to take a stand here.  He needs to sit them all down, Democrats and Republicans, and tell them enough is enough.  Until we hash out a deal that will keep the government running and spending in check as well as start to lower the deficit then we will allow the government to shut down.  By the way, while it is shut down congress will not get paid a dime in salary.  I feel for civilian government workers when this happens, I feel for military families when this happens, I feel for anyone who is not a politician that this affects when it happens but it needs to happen.  If congress is not getting paid, a sensible budget will be passed within hours if that is what it takes to keep themselves getting a paycheck.

So my plan would be as follows:

  1. Cut spending where it can be cut without affecting the people who depend on it (i.e. military, civilian government workers, and those who are disabled or elderly who rely on government checks.)
  2. Cut spending on frivolous government travel and decor for their offices (they will be just fine with a Wal-Mart desk that is only $50 and a matching Wal-Mart chair that only costs $15.)
  3. Enact term limits on Congress (how will this help?  It will keep career politicians out of Congress who know they will get paid either way because they believe their constituents are either too gullible to know their screwing them or they are afraid of the alternatives so they’ll keep getting elected.)
  4. Lastly, and probably most importantly, tell Congress to stop worrying about their own behinds and their lobbyist groups (just ban lobbyist groups from putting pressure on members of Congress for their agendas) and start worrying about the people that put them there.  If they put the citizens of our great country first they will do what is right for us not for their wallets.

My last and best advice to those in government positions would be to stop playing games with peoples lives.  When this stuff happens to us it does not happen to you.  You do not feel the effects of it but we do.  We want our government to finally do its job, do what is right, and to stop with the games because it is not a game to us.


The Memo Has Been Released

The long awaited and highly anticipated memo was finally released today. My thoughts are that it is definitely evident of wrongdoing by the FBI and Obama’s Department of Justice.  It also shows that Obama knowingly went ahead with wiretaps that were based off false evidence.  Hillary Clinton willingly paid a corrupted individual with a personal angst against Donald Trump to get information about the Trump team.  And all I hear from the “transparency is needed” left is the crickets chirping in the background of their deafening silence.  Why aren’t they calling for investigations and hearings and special counsels?  Why isn’t the MSM praising the transparency and calling for Democrats to step up and do something?  Just some food for thought.  Here’s the article with the fully unredacted memo:  The Memo

The Real Crime of Trump White House Leaks

Donald Trump has been plagued by bad publicity since he started his campaign for president.  Most of the bad publicity were real sources pumping out fake leaks.  There were a handful that ended up being true but for the most part they were largely proven to be untrue.  The campaign was rough.  Now he is the actual sitting President and someone on the inside is leaking, sometimes classified, information.  The crime is not Donald Trumps supposed crimes but the leaks of all of this information, a lot of which should not even be public.  So why is it Trump is being persecuted by the liberal media when the ones that should be on trial are the ones leaking this information.  Even more so, they should be charged with defamation of character since most if not all supposed charges against him are false.  At least to this point it seems that way.  If there was real evidence of a crime don’t you think one of these leaker’s would have blown the lid off of it by now?  So the real crime here is not what Donald Trump has supposedly done but what these leaker’s are leaking.


The CBO Grade Of Trumps Health Care

The CBO graded Trumps health care plan today.  They say that 23 million more Americans will lose health insurance by 2026 but that premiums will be lowered.  So if premiums are lowered and more competitive, than lower wealth families will have a better opportunity at getting health insurance affordably.  This begs the question, if more people will be able to afford it how are less people going to be insured?  Are they basing that off of the cuts to Medicaid in the budget plan?  The health care plan seems to cover that by reduced costs to lower income families.  The CBO graded Obamacare fairly poorly too.  They were wrong on just how poorly it would perform.  If I remember right they even were wrong on how much it would cost.  Can the CBO grade even be trusted then?  I would take it with a grain of salt because Trumps plan seems to take care of a lot of issues that Obamacare had while keeping some key components of it.  One of the key components he would leave in place are mandates on insurers to cover preexisting conditions.  He did give states the option to opt out of that but I am fairly certain most states won’t.  I think that this health care plan is levels above Obamacare and will improve the quality of health care while spending less of our tax dollars.  It will cut grants for illegal immigrant coverage, it will allow interstate insurance which will create great competition, and if everyone could just give Trump the same opportunity they afforded Obama they could see what he could do for the U.S.


Check out some of the differing reactions here:

ABC News

Fox News


Read the report yourself here to decide for yourself rather then be told by myself, the media, or anyone else how to feel about:

CBO Website

Children will not die because of Trumps budget

I heard a congressman whose name escapes me right now say that “It is not an overstatement to say that children will die because of this budget.”  Are you kidding me!  The budget does cut a lot of money from food stamps and Medicaid but it cuts from those that are able to work not from those that can not.  There are nearly 45 million people on food stamps over half of those are capable of working.  If those same families do not want their children to die they can go get a job and support them with their own money.  I’ve used food stamps, it is a great program to help people get on their feet but it is not sustainable to keep able bodied people on them when they can provide their own way.  Oh the poor children though, they will suffer.  Like I said they will not suffer if their parents give a damn and try to change their situation.  I understand people get laid off, they lose their jobs, businesses close.  That is why I say this a great temporary program but should not become a way of life.  Medicaid is another great program.  It helps those who are struggling but it should not become a life support mechanism for those who do not want to work.  If you can not work then you should get both forms of assistance but if  you can work you should it is called being an adult.  Plus, if we could get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that will make the markets competitive we can bring prices back down to affordable levels for those that do not have work provided insurance.  So for those getting worked up over the proposed cuts remember this will be good for the economy and for those who need to get out and get to work.  Also, these cuts take place over ten years it is not like those benefits will be cut tomorrow.  It will allow time for those on food stamps and Medicaid to adjust and get to work.  This is not a bad thing, no children will die, and it will probably greatly improve the quality of life for those that were living off the system for the last ten to fifteen years.  They will have more self confidence, self esteem, and proud that they were able to do it on their own.

Speaking of Losers-Dylann Roof Appeals For Mercy

According to an ABC report a terrorist, by all meaning of the word, is begging for mercy after giving none to his victims.  Dylann Roof thinks he deserves to be shown a little mercy after mercilessly killing members of a historical black church in Charleston back in 2015.  I hope the appellate court denies his appeal and, although they won’t and probably can’t, speeds his death along.  Someone so obviously guilty of a horrendous murder such as this should be first priority when it comes to the death penalty.  There should be no tax funded waiting in a cell having your healthcare and meals provided to you by the same citizens whose loved ones you murdered.  Dylann Roof is guilty, he should face the death penalty sooner rather then later, and the appellate court should show no mercy to this ruthless loser of a human being.

The “Loser” Terrorists

I love the fact that Trump is using all means necessary to eradicate terrorism but the focus of the news cycle is on his odd characterization of terrorists as “losers”.  Well for one, unless you support them they are losers.  Two, anyone who can do what was done in Manchester or any of the other terrorist attacks around the world are losers.  They are evil, they are disgusting, they are bent on destruction, they ARE losers.  But that is not the point, the point is the way the media cover his words more than his actions.  Don’t be distracted by the Trump hating media, just remember the message is in the action taken not the words spoken.

Here’s just some of the action he’s taken:

Fox News Slideshow

CNN Video

Syria Strike CNN VideoSyria Strike CNN Video

He’s definitely ordered his fair share of pain on the enemy in his four months in office so far.  I’m sure there are plenty more videos and pics of the havoc he’s wreaking on the enemy.


We Should Stand With Hannity

For those that are calling Hannity foolish or trying to silence him you are just proving him right.  You are proving that there is a leftist fascist movement that wants to shut down any view that goes against theirs or that might damage their agenda.  They will make a person look like a tin foil hat wearing psycho in order to make sure the real news never gets out.  Just look at this Washington Post article which portrays Sean Hannity as a lunatic on the fringe of a psycho babble moment.  Yet these same publications and news outlets that call Hannity a loony conspiracy theorists, daily and with a straight face, pass off fake news about Donald Trump.  I’ve watched Hannity for years and he is one of the most outstanding reporters I can think of on the air, on any network.  He digs for the truth until he finds it even if he doesn’t like the end conclusion.  Moreover, if he feels he is on to something, especially as serious as a potential cover-up as big as the Seth Rich case, than he might actually be onto something.  The media will do anything to keep the god-like image they hold of anyone in their liberal party.  They’ll smear anyone who gets in their way.  I stand with Hannity because free speech is important, I stand with Hannity because journalists should be investigating and reporting real news like he does, I stand with Hannity because he is what a journalist should be.  We should stand with Hannity regardless of your personal feelings for him because if they shut down a potential, explosive cover-up then they are what they claim to fight against.  Fascists.

Even if he is wrong about the whole Seth Rich ordeal we should stand by his right as a journalist to dig into it.



ISIS, Terror in the Philippines

I have yet to see this on any major broadcast news network but apparently an ISIS backed group called Maute is raiding Marawi City in the Philippines.  The situation was serious enough to warrant a declaration of martial law in the province of Mindano.  The local army and special police forces had been responding according the the last report I had read on the website.  I hope they are successful in pushing them back but according to some comments I have seen on Facebook they are beheading teachers from the city college and burning establishments.

This quote is from a comment on Facebook by Kev:

“Even we, who are actually here in the Philippines, are not being informed about most of it over the news outletts here.  Even the F**king mayor of Marawi said that everything’s “under control” while those barbaric fugitives are beheading teachers from city college and burning establishments.”

Another person in the Philippines, Mara, says:

“Guys I’m actually scared right now.  ISIS Flags were raised along Marawi City in Mindanao here in the Philippines, jails were burned and schools also.  And the worst is these men in black hoods are questioning the people of their religion and if you can’t prove that you’re a Muslim, you were taken care of.  Martial law has been declared in Mindanao.  These fanatics are insane.  I’m really scared.”

I hope that they are gaining control in Marawi City but my thoughts are with those there.  It is astonishing that I have yet to see this on any major news outlet so help me get the word out.