Donald Trump has been plagued by bad publicity since he started his campaign for president.  Most of the bad publicity were real sources pumping out fake leaks.  There were a handful that ended up being true but for the most part they were largely proven to be untrue.  The campaign was rough.  Now he is the actual sitting President and someone on the inside is leaking, sometimes classified, information.  The crime is not Donald Trumps supposed crimes but the leaks of all of this information, a lot of which should not even be public.  So why is it Trump is being persecuted by the liberal media when the ones that should be on trial are the ones leaking this information.  Even more so, they should be charged with defamation of character since most if not all supposed charges against him are false.  At least to this point it seems that way.  If there was real evidence of a crime don’t you think one of these leaker’s would have blown the lid off of it by now?  So the real crime here is not what Donald Trump has supposedly done but what these leaker’s are leaking.



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