The CBO graded Trumps health care plan today.  They say that 23 million more Americans will lose health insurance by 2026 but that premiums will be lowered.  So if premiums are lowered and more competitive, than lower wealth families will have a better opportunity at getting health insurance affordably.  This begs the question, if more people will be able to afford it how are less people going to be insured?  Are they basing that off of the cuts to Medicaid in the budget plan?  The health care plan seems to cover that by reduced costs to lower income families.  The CBO graded Obamacare fairly poorly too.  They were wrong on just how poorly it would perform.  If I remember right they even were wrong on how much it would cost.  Can the CBO grade even be trusted then?  I would take it with a grain of salt because Trumps plan seems to take care of a lot of issues that Obamacare had while keeping some key components of it.  One of the key components he would leave in place are mandates on insurers to cover preexisting conditions.  He did give states the option to opt out of that but I am fairly certain most states won’t.  I think that this health care plan is levels above Obamacare and will improve the quality of health care while spending less of our tax dollars.  It will cut grants for illegal immigrant coverage, it will allow interstate insurance which will create great competition, and if everyone could just give Trump the same opportunity they afforded Obama they could see what he could do for the U.S.


Check out some of the differing reactions here:

ABC News

Fox News


Read the report yourself here to decide for yourself rather then be told by myself, the media, or anyone else how to feel about:

CBO Website


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