For those that are calling Hannity foolish or trying to silence him you are just proving him right.  You are proving that there is a leftist fascist movement that wants to shut down any view that goes against theirs or that might damage their agenda.  They will make a person look like a tin foil hat wearing psycho in order to make sure the real news never gets out.  Just look at this Washington Post article which portrays Sean Hannity as a lunatic on the fringe of a psycho babble moment.  Yet these same publications and news outlets that call Hannity a loony conspiracy theorists, daily and with a straight face, pass off fake news about Donald Trump.  I’ve watched Hannity for years and he is one of the most outstanding reporters I can think of on the air, on any network.  He digs for the truth until he finds it even if he doesn’t like the end conclusion.  Moreover, if he feels he is on to something, especially as serious as a potential cover-up as big as the Seth Rich case, than he might actually be onto something.  The media will do anything to keep the god-like image they hold of anyone in their liberal party.  They’ll smear anyone who gets in their way.  I stand with Hannity because free speech is important, I stand with Hannity because journalists should be investigating and reporting real news like he does, I stand with Hannity because he is what a journalist should be.  We should stand with Hannity regardless of your personal feelings for him because if they shut down a potential, explosive cover-up then they are what they claim to fight against.  Fascists.

Even if he is wrong about the whole Seth Rich ordeal we should stand by his right as a journalist to dig into it.




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