I love the fact that Trump is using all means necessary to eradicate terrorism but the focus of the news cycle is on his odd characterization of terrorists as “losers”.  Well for one, unless you support them they are losers.  Two, anyone who can do what was done in Manchester or any of the other terrorist attacks around the world are losers.  They are evil, they are disgusting, they are bent on destruction, they ARE losers.  But that is not the point, the point is the way the media cover his words more than his actions.  Don’t be distracted by the Trump hating media, just remember the message is in the action taken not the words spoken.

Here’s just some of the action he’s taken:

Fox News Slideshow

CNN Video

Syria Strike CNN VideoSyria Strike CNN Video

He’s definitely ordered his fair share of pain on the enemy in his four months in office so far.  I’m sure there are plenty more videos and pics of the havoc he’s wreaking on the enemy.



2 thoughts on “The “Loser” Terrorists

  1. No enemy will be impressed by being called “losers”. It’s a tremendously inelegant insult, something an eight year-old would try. At some point i expect President Trump to go “Neener neener!”, and believe it will work.


  2. He definitely doesn’t want to impress them. It may be inelegant but will sting much more then being called monsters because monsters are what they strive to be. Plus, as I said the actions of his policies against terrorism and the agressiveness of his take no prisoners strategy speaks much louder than his words.


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