I heard a congressman whose name escapes me right now say that “It is not an overstatement to say that children will die because of this budget.”  Are you kidding me!  The budget does cut a lot of money from food stamps and Medicaid but it cuts from those that are able to work not from those that can not.  There are nearly 45 million people on food stamps over half of those are capable of working.  If those same families do not want their children to die they can go get a job and support them with their own money.  I’ve used food stamps, it is a great program to help people get on their feet but it is not sustainable to keep able bodied people on them when they can provide their own way.  Oh the poor children though, they will suffer.  Like I said they will not suffer if their parents give a damn and try to change their situation.  I understand people get laid off, they lose their jobs, businesses close.  That is why I say this a great temporary program but should not become a way of life.  Medicaid is another great program.  It helps those who are struggling but it should not become a life support mechanism for those who do not want to work.  If you can not work then you should get both forms of assistance but if  you can work you should it is called being an adult.  Plus, if we could get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that will make the markets competitive we can bring prices back down to affordable levels for those that do not have work provided insurance.  So for those getting worked up over the proposed cuts remember this will be good for the economy and for those who need to get out and get to work.  Also, these cuts take place over ten years it is not like those benefits will be cut tomorrow.  It will allow time for those on food stamps and Medicaid to adjust and get to work.  This is not a bad thing, no children will die, and it will probably greatly improve the quality of life for those that were living off the system for the last ten to fifteen years.  They will have more self confidence, self esteem, and proud that they were able to do it on their own.


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