It is unbelievable, the tragedy that occurred in Manchester.  It is also becoming too much of our reality.  The biggest tragedy of the night is the loss of life and the lives that will be forever changed by tonight.  The secondary tragedy is the loss of life could have been prevented.  Whether this person was a refugee or an immigrant from an Islamic state the vetting processes in developed nations do not appear to be working.  Now, I know they have not said this was an Islamic terror attack but odds are it is and if these open border policies were not in place this kind of tragedy could be prevented.  With the push to take in refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries; these types of tragedies should help Western countries reconsider.  We can not allow this type of tragedy to stay the norm in our world.  Donald Trump preached the message in Saudi Arabia and will hopefully preach the same message during the rest of his trip.  We need to eliminate this type of threat, if that includes banning citizens from Islamic terror hot spots temporarily, then so be it.  If we keep them where they are they can not commit these types of atrocities.  It is not xenophobic, it is just common sense.


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