I have yet to see this on any major broadcast news network but apparently an ISIS backed group called Maute is raiding Marawi City in the Philippines.  The situation was serious enough to warrant a declaration of martial law in the province of Mindano.  The local army and special police forces had been responding according the the last report I had read on the independent.co.uk website.  I hope they are successful in pushing them back but according to some comments I have seen on Facebook they are beheading teachers from the city college and burning establishments.

This quote is from a comment on Facebook by Kev:

“Even we, who are actually here in the Philippines, are not being informed about most of it over the news outletts here.  Even the F**king mayor of Marawi said that everything’s “under control” while those barbaric fugitives are beheading teachers from city college and burning establishments.”

Another person in the Philippines, Mara, says:

“Guys I’m actually scared right now.  ISIS Flags were raised along Marawi City in Mindanao here in the Philippines, jails were burned and schools also.  And the worst is these men in black hoods are questioning the people of their religion and if you can’t prove that you’re a Muslim, you were taken care of.  Martial law has been declared in Mindanao.  These fanatics are insane.  I’m really scared.”

I hope that they are gaining control in Marawi City but my thoughts are with those there.  It is astonishing that I have yet to see this on any major news outlet so help me get the word out.


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